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Hunting takes place in an environment with beautiful views. It is plain hunting at its best and there are 15 game species on the farm.

The accommodation is top notch and all necessities are provided for. Zebra unit, and if necessary, Wildebees unit can be used for hunters.


The owner, Wynand Pieters or his father Johan Pieters will attend to every hunt personally and hunting takes place from a bakkie. Every year game is set out for hunting purposes. Each hunter is ensured that they will have the opportunity to take home venison. Hunting at Uitzicht is an unforgettable experience. The hunting environment constantly changes and the environment makes for breath taking mountainous scenery as well as plato’s. Each moment is an unforgettable experience.


No alcohol is allowed aboard the bakkie as your safety is our priority. During cold weather conditions OBS will be allowed in moderation, only to keep the blood flowing warmly. Uitzicht is very popular with corporate as well as family hunting. There are enough opportunities to build business and family relationships, and to bond with friends.


Ensure that you book early in January / February to avoid disappointment.


Now then, take your Weapons,
your quiver and your Bow, and go out
in the open country to hunt wild game for me
Genesis 27:3

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